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Dawn Cole, President
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LIMOSandBUSES4sale prides itself in being more than just a way for you to sell your vehicles and luxury ground transportation services. We want to be your marketing and advertising partners.

We offer you a SALES team that wants to make the advertising process streamlined and seamless. We keep track of the ads you placed and make recommendations for a continuous improvement in your marketing and advertising investment.

Our ART department is here for you from the beginning of the design process to the approval of your final ad. Whether you have an ad complete and ready to go or you don’t know what you want you just have the inventory you want to sell…we can help!

Our Customer Care team is available anytime to assist in any area of the process. Call anytime with questions about our distribution, artwork, placing your photos or videos on our FACEBOOK page or just to chat…we want to hear from you! And we want you to sell your inventory!

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Dawn Cole

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(833) 477-LIMO (5466)

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